Pelagic Zone

Any water in a sea or lake that is neither close to the bottom nor near the shore can be said to be in the pelagic zone.The word “pelagic” is derived from Greek πέλαγος (pélagos), meaning “open sea”. The zone can be thought of in terms of an imaginary cylinder or water column that goes from the surface of the sea almost to the bottom.

Bentho Pelagic

Living and feeding near the bottom as well as in midwaters or near the surface. Feeding on benthic as well as free swimming organisms.Many fish are opportunistic feeders that forage on the bottom as well as in midwater and near the surface, also pertaining to forms which hover or swim just over the floor of the sea. The fish that inhibit both these zones are called Bentho-Pelagic Fish.

Pelagic Tribe / Pelagic Warrior

Pelagic Warrior a brave person who is engaged in protecting and fishing these zones becomes a part of the fastest growing tribe called the Pelagic Tribe.The Pelagic warriors are responsible anglers who fish responsibly protecting the water column where they target their Pelagic and Bentho Pelagic fish.Pelagic Tribe was started by three Anglers in Bangalore, offering some of the biggest tackle brands in the world.


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