Owen Bosen

Started fishing at the age of 5 in Punjab in the lakes of the Maharaja of Patiala with my grandfather using a float and a bamboo rod and drum reel.


Started fishing for Mahseer at the age of 30 in the Kaveri River. Has spent over 25 years in quest of the Mahseer.
First experienced in salt water angling at the age of 45 in Chennai while beach casting and bait fishing from boats.


Got hooked into lure fishing from then on and studied the art of popping, jigging, trolling and spinning in salt water.
Introduced my own brand of fishing rods in 2004 designed for fishing in India under the brand name “Rowen Tackle.”


Worked as the manager of a fishing lodge in Maharashtra for 2 years, taking clients out for salt water species and Mahseer fishing.
Did a short stint as camp manager in Pancheshwar Uttarakhand for a season with the Golden Mahseer.
With Pelagic Tribe since June 2016.