Product Service

Pelagic Tribe offers servicing of products sold by us. Following service options are available.


  1. General Reel Service
  2. Reel Service Under Warranty
  3. Reel Service out of Warranty
  4. Rod Repair Tips / Guides / Reel Seats
  5. Line Spooling
  6. Hook Change

Terms and conditions


  1. You must courier the product or drop the product at our address
  2. Pelagic Tribe will strive to work on the product and give you a solution immediately
  3. If the product is not repairable we will give you a credit for the same amount to be utilised at the dealer you purchased the product.
  4. Pelagic Tribe will charge a return courier cost
  5. Pelagic Tribe will only send the item upon receipt of the payment.

Schedule a Service

Please Fill the form below to schedule a Service, please ensure your have registered your product using our registration page else please register first by clicking on Register Menu.


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