About Zerek

Beginning in 2008, the ZEREK brand was conceived by a group of lure enthusiasts, professional anglers as well as a product development team. With over a year of research and development with the various groups, ZEREK is finally ready to take the luring world by storm.

Every angler’s fantasy is to have a perfect lure for every fishing situation. We at ZEREK believe that we have come close to achieving the ultimate lure design and range to fulfil every angler’s dream.

Collecting precious feedback from anglers and testers, we have designed and developed a range of ultimate fishing lures that is now known as ZEREK.

The ZEREK range of lures is developed through the strictest of testing processes and employs the latest technology in lure design. Be it casting, achieving a natural swimming action or colour selection, each single product is targeted to satisfy even the most demanding anglers around the world.

With continuous effort and development, ZEREK strives to achieve the perfect lure for every angler.

The Zerek range of specialized rods is designed to re-define the concept of conventional luring rods for both fresh and light saltwater use and will continue to evolve to exceed your demands and expectations. The first thing that you will notice when you pick up a Zerek rod is its lightness. These rods are so light that you can use your wrist to easily manipulate your lures throughout the day. Excessive weight reduction also compliments sensitivity which is paramount in this game.

Balancing is achieved mainly by adding counterweight at the butt-end of the rod. Although this is an additional weight, a balanced rod feels lighter than an unbalanced one. A balanced rod empowers you with greater control during casts and over-all manoeuvrability. At the end of a hard day’s fishing, you will feel much less fatigue.

Ergonomics of Zerek Rods is achieved by carefully studying the optimum handle and reel seat design to suit as we all know the hand is the interface between the angler and his rod. It takes a while for someone to appreciate it but once you become aware of its significance, you will not settle for anything less.

Zerek is based out of Singapore with R&D facilities in Australia.


Zerek Product Range